Beating the Budget Blues Guest Post

Sus & Chlo here! We’re the hosts of this traveling webseries, Sus & Chlo on the Go, bringing you affordable adventures across America. Who says funding travel has to be boring? If we have learned anything it is that if you do your research, then a small cash can go a long way. So here are 10 hints for how to have the best bang for the buck as possible journey.

Beating the Budget Blues Guest Post

Where to Sleep — locating somewhere to sleep for the night to the cheap can be tricky but not impossible.

1. If you’re fortunate enough to have friends or family to wreck with, do it! Just make certain you be an ideal houseguest. Come with just a present! It does not need to be anything extravagant, only a small way to say,”I appreciate you letting me invade your space.” Would be to pick up a bottle of wine and groceries and cook up a tasty meal on your own hosts.  If your cooking is questionable… perhaps just adhere to the wine. Oh, and don’t forget to leave/send a thank you card at the end of your stay- a simple”thank you” goes a long way.

2. Try AirBNB! It is a safe site where locals lease out their own space at a weekly or nightly rate. These places can vary from a room in the apartment of someone to an entire house that is private –or maybe even a boat! The people who lease are a great source for locating neighborhood gems and keeping you away from tourist traps. Another plus of renting an apartment/house is getting the choice to remain in and cook some meals, as eating out for every meal can definitely add up. It’s also been a lifesaver for people since pet-friendly hotels are hard to find if we travel with our dog, Zaxby and paying charges is no fun.

Beating the Budget Blues Guest Post

3. If you’d feel more comfortable in a hotel, be sure to read reviews. So biased reviewsn’t mislead us we want to examine reviews of a resort on a multiple sites. Our favorite review sites for resorts include Trip Advisor along with Before you book, check out the website to find out whether they have any special booking offers of the hotel. Often some of the major chain hotels have prices (ie. Reserve two nights and get the next night free.) Taking the extra few minutes to check can sometimes save you the big bucks! If you’re currently looking to stay, we have found that most La Quintas are screened without a extra charge!

What to Eat— Food is such a significant part of exploring the culture of a brand new location – don’t be afraid to try something new or different.

4. Ask around or search the web to learn whether or not there are some local staples you have to try. You will have to get a Cuban sandwich, if you’re in Miami. In Wisconsin, you have got to try out cheese curds. San Francisco? Clam chowder. You get the idea!

5. Head into a local farmers market. Filled with complimentary samples and local delicacies, they’re the perfect place to stock up on snacks such as a picnic (another great money saving option) and often a good place to discover presents to take home!

What to perform — Our favorite part of every trip is finding out all the cool things a destination has to offer in terms of”to dos.”

6. Trip Advisor not only will be able to assist you in finding somewhere to stay, but every location has a list of matters to do according to reviews from travelers just like you! Reading reviews on the tourist attractions will be able to allow you to determine which ones to skip and which attractions to visit!

7. Many cities have a Parks and Recreation department and they often have a great deal of free events like outdoor concerts, theater, and physical fitness courses. Additionally, parks are packed with locals for suggestions and are inclined to be a terrific place to people watch.

Beating the Budget Blues Guest Post

8. Publish your inner hipster and pick up the free, local newspaper. These can be a excellent source, highlighting each of the events.

9. Take a class! Ask around and find an action that’s particular to the region – like some pottery lesson from Taos or a beer brewing course in Portland. You’ll wind up using a experience that is exceptional and may go home with a few new abilities!

10. Give yourself permission to explore and play. Itineraries are great but the experiences occur when you’re open to other choices. No matter where you travel or everything you can do, just how much you get out of it is your choice!

Beating the Budget Blues Guest Post

Geared towards the cash-conscious explorer, Sus & Chlo on the Go is a travel webseries co-hosted by Susannah McLeod and Chloe Thorsbakken.

Beating the Budget Blues Guest Post

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