Rwanda’s Top Ten Wonders

Rwanda continues to be synonymous with its own resident gorillas, an jeopardized Great Britain that has managed to capture the attention of the entire world with their ancestral individual likeness and through Hollywood films such as Gorillas in the Mist (1988) and Mighty Joe Young (1998).


Rolling Hills


The Congo Nile Trail

The country offers people the opportunity to enjoy other exceptional sights and sounds in the great outdoors Though these fascinating creatures are the quintessential treasure of Rwanda. Whether you have ever considered traveling to Rwanda, or are simply curious to know exactly what it provides, here are what we believe to be the nation’s best wonders.

Lake Kivu

Rwanda is frequently known as the”Land of a thousand hills,” that isn’t an exaggeration, but instead an underestimation. Its hilly terrain creates a panoramic landscape. Each mountain is scarred with concentric rows of plants and sprinkled with dwellings. But some create deep valleys suitable for slushy rice fields, some have rivers running between them.

Nyungwe Rainforest


The hills give themselves to Rwanda economy, supplying surface area for farming and livestock. Anywhere you drive within Rwanda you will get to see these hills that are striking. Although a burden for long-haul truckers, their elevation help to maintain cooler temperatures as compared with other states that are equatorial.


Akagera National Park

With the largest being Lake Kivu, rwanda is home to many lakes. Situated in the border with Democratic Republic of Congo (D.O.C.), Lake Kivu is among Africa’s Great Lakes. It is home to the tenth-largest inland island Idjwi, in the world and covers an area of approximately kilometers. Are drawn by the calmness of the placid water of the lake along with the luxury resorts available in the region the Lake Kivu Serena.

Volcanoes National Park


Apart from relaxing in the northwestern lakeshore, visitors can organize a boat excursion to some of the lake islands along with even a town excursion to the local marketplace and craft workshops.

A Word on Safety

Nyungwe is Africa’s largest protected mountain forest and home to 13 species of primates such as big troops of monkeys, chimpanzees, grey-cheeked mangabeys, and baboons. Furthermore, the birdlife here is outstanding — in all over 250 species! Have the chance to encounter this forest. Chimpanzee treks, canopy walks, nature hikes, and ethnic centre visits are all activities that can be accomplished in 2-3 days time.

Rwanda Facts and Travel Information

Nyungwe also has a broad variety of accommodations all of which arrive with an early morning cacophony of stunning and chirping forest views free !


Akagera National Park is the only secure savannah environment in Rwanda, and is named for the Akagera River that flows along its eastern border between Tanzania and Rwanda. Hills, lakes, ponds, and marshland give rich biodiversity and its beauty to Akagera. Contrary to Nyungwe, Akagera is currently home to grazing herds of zebra. Other, less visible residents comprise warthog, hyena, and leopard. Activities consist of game drives across boat safaris, ranger-guided safaris, and the numerous paths.

We recommend allowing a full day for a safari to the northern edge of the park, in which large herds can be understood from vantage points that are excellent. Akagera has five lodging choices, three of which are campsites. We recommend the Ruzizi Tented Lodge since it’s nicely situated along Lake Ihema, and private, eco friendly.

Rwanda’s indisputable natural wonder that is # 1 is Volcanoes National Park. Called Virunga National Park in D.O.C. and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, this is the point the place where the planet’s remaining wild mountain gorillas reside. This tropical blossom that is steep is painstakingly protected to make sure their success.

Gorilla treks that are guided give people the opportunity to see these up close and find out about their household dynamics. The world caught on that these gorillas, together with their delicate habitat, had to be maintained. Besides hiking gorillas, which demands some pre-planning plus a hefty budget ($1500 per individual ), traffic can find a flavor of Rwandan rural lifestyle in the Iby?wacu Cultural Village ($20 per individual ). Visitors to the Volcanoes National Park can decide from the park or go for a tour of this caves To find out more check.

This may not be a pure wonder per se but worth mentioning. The Congo Nile Trail is a 227 km trial across the Lake Kivu stretching out of the city of Rubavo all the way to Rusizi’s District. Even the Congo Nile Course is a new development with the intent of diversifying tourism attractions and placement Rwanda at a destination for both biking and cycling by the government of Rwanda. The trail passes through rolling mountains, and wonderful landscapes close to the Lake Kivu. Visitors can walk through the trial, use a bike or bike. Walking though the trail can take 5 days, approximately ten days while biking takes. Whichever method is used; the Congo Nile trial provides passengers a terrific way.  With amazing views of the Lake Kivu while having lots of opportunities to mingle with the locals and find out about life in Africa, travelers will probably soon be rewarded.


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The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) operates along with other government agencies and conservation groups to make sure that the nation’s natural wildlife and parks are secure in the future of the country. Activities and accommodations are well handled and maintained by both private and overburdened businesses. Individuals interested in seeing Rwanda will enjoy the advantages of a tourism industry, as well as the friendly nature of its visitors.


Capital city: Kigali

Languages: Kinyarwanda, French, English

Population: Roughly 11 million


Time zone: UTC +2

Currency: Rwandan Franc (RWF)

Health issues: Rwanda is a yellow fever zone. The CDC recommends obtaining the vaccine before traveling to Rwanda. In reality, Rwanda’s authorities requires proof of yellow fever vaccination for all travellers over 9 months old. Nations may also ask the proof of vaccination of traveling to Rwanda within 6 months. Furthermore, the CDC also recommends Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines for travel to Rwanda. Malaria isn’t unusual. Check with a travel clinic to determine which malaria prophylaxis therapy is perfect for you. If you wish to not take malaria medication, please be aware that it isn’t required to travel to Rwanda. Travelers cannot tolerate the negative effects of malaria tablets and instead choose to protect themselves by wearing long sleeves, long trousers, and using mosquito repellent.


Climate: Rwanda experiences two rainy seasons and two dry seasons throughout the year. The rainy season lasts from March to May and usually brings rains that are persistent. The second season lasts from October to November. The ideal time to visit with Rwanda is right after the longer rainy season, from June to Mid-September. In this period period the streets are substantially safer and also you won’t get bogged down by heavy downpours.

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