Celebrity Travel Addicts: Can Tang of Moving Awesome Places

Inside this variant of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we speak the world and blogger traveler supporting the popular travel, with Will Tang. We talk with his advice for beginner bloggers him about his passion for traveling started started, what he discovered on his first big trip, plus more! Find out where he is headed next and what his favourite destinations around the globe are!

How did your passion for traveling get started?

Once I used to go on road trips all the time my passion for traveling started at a young age.  I’d like to believe that this really planted the seed of traveling and why it matters.  As I grew up, it was only when it is then that my obsession with this climbed and climbed and I made a decision to go online to Sweden during university which I received my initial taste of traveling.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Can Tang of Moving Awesome Places

Just how are you currently travel in any given calendar year? Which are the kinds?

I believe a common misconception of traveling bloggers is that the time is traveling ALL but the truth is that for the ones which aren’t nomadic, we journey several times a year and the rest of time is spent in our home base.  I would say that I’m traveling around at least one time per month or not When I was to give a number.  Some trips may be a few days and a few could last for 2-3 weeks.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Can Tang of Moving Awesome Places

You launched your blog, Going Awesome Places, on a whim in 2012 through a transitional period in your lifetime. It has since grown into a successful travel blog. What makes Going Awesome Places such a resource for travel enthusiasts and travelers?

Concerning the places I like to visit, I love my adventure and outside but I also find places that could offer a balance of a few luxury, relaxation, and experiences.  The thing which most individuals do not see is that you can get this in any place on earth, you have to understand where to search and understand how to organize your journey.

You embark on a 3-month visit to Asia, days after you launched your blog. What did you discover that you carry with you today?

The reason is because I produce content which truly help individuals plan their trips, if I boil it down.  I put into the shoes of someone in the middle of trip preparation and put together whatever that someone would have to understand.

You share a whole great deal of destination guides, your adventure travel experiences , and traveling equipment reviews on your YouTube channel. What advice would you give to others who want to start travel vlogging?

That is the trip that actually started it all.  My learning in my time in Asia was to love life for the moments little or big.  You grow up thinking that using a job is your be-all and end-all of life but when you take that leap to pursue your dreams, you understand that there’s so much more out there.

What do you want viewers learn and to attain from your work?

It’s hard! I kickstarted my YouTube channel two decades ago and I had to do it pretty much from scratch.  It’s a skillset to blogging therefore there was a lot which I needed to learn.  I believe the most important thing about traveling vlogging is to simply find out by trying different things, what kinds of videos work for you personally as a new.  I have never been timid about going all sorts of directions and during that experimentation, I have figured out what attracts in views and subscribers.  As soon as you determine what works, you double down on it.

Which are?

It’s about inspiring other people to empower my audience to feel confident about going to many of the places that I’ve already been into throughout my content and to journey.

Give us a’Top 5′ record for a few of your best 3 destinations. Just like a mini-guide or a listing of types. It may be anything in your favourite hotel, best place to have lunch, best sightseeing, etc..

New Zealand is new so why don’t we proceed with that.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Can Tang of Moving Awesome Places

How many nations have you visited so far?

50 countries so far!

Which are your top 3 favourite cuisines?

There is a reason why Singapore is rated the best airport in the world and I must agree!

What is your favourite restaurant in the world? What dish do you advocate?

I have to say that my hometown of Toronto is best among the although I’m not biased or anything!

My wife obviously!  I could not do everything I do without her.

What is your beloved airport?

Queuing up Instagram stories jk not jk.

Which city had the most friendly people?

Ethiopia is by far the most exotic place.

Who’s your traveling companion?

Just go! Travel is for everybody and it is something that’ll truly open your mind and your eyes.  The mad thing is that you don’t have to go that way to put yourself on the market.  It’s possible to travel a few hundred or a few tens of thousands of km (or miles) and still have amazing experiences.

What is the best way to kill time when traveling?

Antarctica is one of the big dreams I still have!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Can Tang of Moving Awesome Places

What is the most exotic location you have been taken by your career?

“We are meant to Endure for so much more” — Switchfoot

What is your very best bit?

I’m trying to perform work locally and that I’ll be led to the Niagara Region alongside a project that is new.

What are without?

Going Awesome Places is a journey brand which includes a solid presence on the blog and via websites with audiences that span in Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States and focuses on outdoor adventure and experiential journey. The specialization of the brand is in creating storytelling through video, and evergreen content which revolves around inspiring others to journey itineraries.

What is your dream destination?

Learn more about Moving Beautiful Places on his website and follow his adventures on social websites via YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!

What is your traveling quotation?


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