20 Things to Do in Orlando

Orlando — Orange County’s county funding — is most well known as the’Theme Park Capital of the World’. A holiday here is an eye-opening, multi-faceted spectacle after spectacle. When the range of visitors is approaching 60 million you know you will be in good company!

20 Things to Do in Orlando

20 Things to Do in Orlando

1) Walt Disney Magic Kingdom

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20 Things to Do in Orlando

The Magic Kingdom’s attractions are numerous and varied: 41 of them exude and exhilarate in equal measure. The thrills of the fall rides of Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, the temptations of Stitch’s Great Escape will make you refreshed and dizzy.

20 Things to Do in Orlando

2) Epcot

This Disney hotel intends to inform and make you awestruck. Its tagline of’Travel Round the World, Under the Sea, to Outer Space… and Beyond!’ Entices you into a set of mind-opening tours. Marvel at the background of those States being brought into life within a sound animatronics travel, learn about conservation with the Circle of Life attribute and go using’ astronaut training’ for the youngsters into’ space’.

20 Things to Do in Orlando

3) Orlando Repertory Theatre

With a mission statement,’To make experiences that educate, entertain and enhance the lives of household and youthful audiences’ this theatre creates remarkable family shows that challenges preconceptions of civilization and stimulates curiosity about diversity and learning. As an educational attraction, the Orlando Repertory Theatre is visit; kids of all ages gain from exposure to both verbal and literacy skills and demonstrations of science fiction.

20 Things to Do in Orlando

4) SeaWorld Orlando

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SeaWorld is a venue where you could get hands on with the animals. Help dolphins and feed penguins and fall in love it’s an encounter. The aquatic adventures continue with the Sharks Up-Close tour which can help lead into aims of the centre and the conservation.

5) Orange County Convention Center

With several conventions available to the general public, the OCCC is still the place to go to find a diverse mix of events from your Orlando iX16 virtual reality and interactive technologies into the Florida Wedding Expo in 2017!

6) The Florida Mall

A trip to Orlando will almost surely imply at least one visit to the Florida Mall. When you have a shopping centre that plays host to 270 shops which include Macy’s, Sears and Dillards together with the profile Armani Exchange through to Toys’R’ Us and Apple there really is something for everybody!

7) Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

20 Things to Do in Orlando

Whether you begin your own space mission by standing under the awe-inspiring 363 feet tall Saturn V rocket which initially took Man into the moon or looking at the Space Shuttle Atlantis using 60 interactive displays or going about the Space Shuttle Experience where you feel the full power of lift-off, you truly start to learn what it’s like to be an astronaut.

20 Things to Do in Orlando

8) Discovery Cove

Go snorkelling around the globe, indulge in the Dolphin Experience, come face-to-face using sharks or take your first steps at SCUBA diving. Then dry off on the beaches and reflect in your skills and know-how.

9) Gatorland

Opening in 1949, Gatorland has the cachet of becoming among Florida’s original theme parks. Construction on the guided tours of the alligator pens this theme park offers you an insight into the reptiles’ lifestyles, so the importance of conservation and their environment. Couple that with a aerial flight that is 30 miles down a zip cord over the crocodile and alligator enclosures and you’ve made yourself an eccentrically-American theme park.

10) Wet ‘n’ Wild Orlando Waterpark

As waterparks go this is up there with the best. Some of the most exhilarating thrills can be located on the Aqua Drag Racer where you plunge head-first right down a twisting four-lane water slip. Or maybe Der Stuka if that’s what is necessary to provide you with an adrenaline rush!

11) Universal Studios Florida

This attraction is a real working film and television studio that allows visitors to jump right to the action of their favorite movies and TV shows in various fully-dressed backlot places. Harry Potter lovers can rejoice in Diagon Alley the Wizarding World, Gringott’s along with the Hogwart’s Express.

12) Universal’s Islands of Adventure

This Traditional hotel maintains’interactive draws [that] bring your favorite stories, myths, animations, comic books and children’s stories to life.’  With the forthcoming addition of a seventh Island (Skull Island: Reign of Kong) linking Marvel’s Super Hero Island and Jurassic Park to name but two, you will find terrific rides to excite the whole family.

13) The Orlando George and Dragon

20 Things to Do in Orlando

For a fast change of pace, a visit to this little slice of England, is great for a pint, a few food, lively expat chatter and the chance to find a live English Premier League game in HD might be exactly what you’re after!

14) Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

From the two Disney water parks in Orlando, the Typhoon Lagoon bases its’legend’ on the tale of a shrimp boat –a stunning centrepiece called’Miss Tilly,’ impaled on a hill termed’Mount Mayday’ that flew into a 50-foot geyser of water a half hour, right before the temptations of the watch sound on’Miss Tilly’. The water park rides most of thematically stream from this (no pun intended).

15) Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

20 Things to Do in Orlando

This water park’s most colour-based slide kinds magnificently categorise the slip experiences available: Green for single trail water slides, Purple for multiple-lane racing slides and Red for your 600 feet long slide that sends you careening down twisting, turning flumes before entering stainless steel pipes.

20 Things to Do in Orlando

16) Skeletons: Animals Unveiled!

You are in for a treat for this particular museum. Where all-natural history museums show reproduction or mounted animals, this shows 40 displays. This truly gives you a new insight to the workings that the animals with which we share the plant.

17) Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

This theme playground primarily concentrates on safari animal appeals and complements those with Broadway-style performances like Finding Nemo — the Musical. Lions, tigers and rhinos are merely some of the animals you’ll see in your tour.

18) Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With Disney owning Star Wars you merely have to spoil your internal Jedi and go to the numerous displays and shows like an Encounter using Kylo Ren, Meet Chewbacca, or see a Behind-the-Scenes in the Star Wars Launch Bay before paying a visit to the Launch Bay memorabilia store to pick up a few terrific collectables. Did we mention that the life-size AT-AT?

19) Fun Spot America

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20 Things to Do in Orlando

An alternate to Disney and Universal, Fun Spot America is really an family-owned theme park which prides itself on’safe, clean, enjoyable’ rides. There are roller coasters, go-karts, arcades, kiddie rides along with Midway games which will entertain all the family.

20) Madame Tussaud’s Orlando

20 Things to Do in Orlando

Get your photograph taken with your favorite’actors’ undermining the lifelike waxworks. Learn about actors and notable amount in rooms including Background & World Leaders, Arts & Science, Music, Sports and A-List Party.

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Even though Orlando’s holiday reputation is indisputably tied into theme parks that there are different attractions to see but it’s theme parks you love then it’s theme parks you are going to get!