How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

It’s the question: The way to earn money and traveling the entire world? The answer is not white and black, and the simple truth is that there are ways to fund a life of traveling. I also, once pondered the idea before choosing to make a profession. And I am not so lonely. There are many of us who have turned our nine-to-five jobs for empowering our spirits that are nomadic into a way, while some in our industry have ditched a paycheck’s safety net .

Becky and Gray Padmore, Global Grasshopper 

The way is to get a void that your expertise and experience can fill, then find creative about monetizing onto it. Whether this means working for someone else or for yourself, travel a little or full-time, quick or slow, luxurious or budget, for fun or for business. The first thing is first. The commitment has to be there the ideas will follow.

Kate McCulley, Adventurous Kate

Traveling is a luxury, but for some of us, it’s lifestyle. With the travel industry an entrepreneurial spirit might go a ways. It’s necessary to keep in mind that what works for a single travel professional might not operate for some other, and that is okay. Another important issue is you can not get the type of money you desire right away and many people can’t live off travel blogging. Hopefully this article helps and arouses a few ideas shed light onto our industry that is much-admired but little-understood. So I asked my coworkers to answer one question in 250 words or less: how can you travel the entire world and make money?

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

Larissa Olenicoff, The Blonde Gypsy

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

We are located near London, UK but we travel and have booted up a few states between us having a good deal of fun along the way. Our website is our chief source of revenue but getting a professional traveling blogger is not straightforward. It took a great deal of effort make the ball but after about 12 weeks of labour we were rewarded with a decent amount of followers, traffic and even a handful of award nominations. Monetizing our traffic was the bit that is tricky that is upcoming and it took making a few mistakes along the way to work out the best way to do this. The majority of our income today comes out of a combination of promotion, affiliates (throughout our’cool hotel’ attributes ), Adsense and compensated media trips that gives us the liberty to work remotely from almost any place in the world.

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

Leah Walker, Leah Travels

As well as our principal website, Gray also does freelance work in pictures and web design during his and we’ve also just begun selling a range of travel inspired presents (that we made ourselves using mostly our own photography) during our Lo-Fi Nomad Etsy shop. We made our first purchase so that is pretty encouraging although it’s very early days using all the Etsy shop!

For the last three and a half a year, my income has arrived in my profession. I make my money in three different ways on advertising the site, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing. I make my money in three different ways off the site: freelance writing, consulting, and public speaking.  It’s important to note that I’m an exclusion — far from the principle. Becoming a travel blogger earning enough cash to live off it outside the world is extremely rare, compared to it was for me personally in 2010 and it’s a great deal more difficult for new bloggers in 2014. If you are able to crack it, that said, it’s a tough, intoxicating, infuriating, but overall life.

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

Mark Wiens, Migrationology

I’ve been traveling my life as a result of the gene which seems to operate in my household, but attempting to make an income out of it and making it a life choice really goes back to about 2012. Beforehand, my trips all were self-financed by functioning for weeks on end, even while attending university full-time, and then taking off to traveling through the extended winter break and through the summer for approximately three months.

Sam and Audrey, Nomadic Samuel and Who Backpacker

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

While I was studying for my Master’s degree in Sweden a few years back, I began The Blonde Gypsy and following a year of taking blogging more severely i.e. studying the intricacies of self hosting, putting in time to network with not just traveling bloggers, but specialists from the travel industry, and focusing on quality over quantity concerning content, I had an audience and I had tourism boards/travel companies that wanted to use me. Since then, many of my traveling expenses have been covered by those tourism boards and traveling companies in exchange for marketing of the destination or brand through my social networking channels which I have zero qualms using contemplating the sizable amount I’ve personally invested in travel within the past ten years. That and the fact I can keep it authentic.

Ryan Gargiulo, Pause The Moment

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

Press trips don’t cover the invoices yet (at least not yet) and I’ve done enough freelance writing and business online to know that it’s just not something I wish to combine with travel so I am moving back towards staying put for a time to work, and then getting out to see the entire world. Back in May and June of the year I’ll be starting a new venture with a fellow blogger in which we’ll be top tours for our subscribers throughout the Balkans. I am very excited about it, but whether or not this is going to be a feasible source of revenue remains to be seen. Check with me.

I studied everything to sites to conventional traveling media outlets before launching my website from 2011. I poured over practices that were best for WordPress and SEO. I wanted a solid knowledge base, although it ended up being a lot to shoot in.  From the beginning, my aim for was not only a personal site. I viewed the site which I expected would lead to other opportunities. For a half and the first year , I also worked a full-time job. Managing that, my website networking, and traveling was a chore, but finally it paid off. Back in February of 2013, I dedicated my efforts also quit my job new.

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

Lainie Liberti, Raising Miro

Being entirely centered on Leah Travels has paid off, though not necessarily in the bank account. Since I now focus on luxury and experience, I’m afforded exclusive and magnificent experiences which are priceless. Do they, though hotel remains don’t cover the invoices? I am fortunate to have a family that believes in my eyesight, and they are a huge help.  My site has given me a platform. In less than just three years time, I’ve parlayed that success into editor and writer functions together with The Daily Meal Forbes Travel Guide, The Daily Basics, Travel Squire, Room Key, and Luxe Beat Magazine, where I am the Editor-at-Large.  Primarily my income comes from selling posts. In addition, I do social networking consulting and some writing, as well as work as a new ambassador. I really feel like my life is still wealthy given the places I’ve experienced, although I am certainly not getting wealthy by doing so. I would not trade the memories.

Marcello Arrambide, Wandering Trader

Food is. There is nothing I like doing more than seeing a nation learn about the culture and to learn more about the food. The majority of the cash while I travel I make is a result of initially starting a travel food site again in 2009 and committing it to be maintained by myself. Presently, I make money through a variety of ways. The first is via purchasing travel guide e-books and my top food. I provide a lot of free info and tools on my site, and if a person needs more in depth info packed into an e-book format, it’s available for purchase. The other way I make money is by way of advertisements on my meals and traveling videos on YouTube — that I print 2 videos per week — and every video contains ads. In addition, I make some money through affiliate marketing for services and goods I use or recommend. For instance, after staying in a hotel I really liked, I’d mention it on my own site, and if somebody were to reserve that hotel, I’d get a commission (I just recommend products or services that I personally trust). My most significant source of income is by way of freelance jobs, including writing articles, doing jobs for restaurants, promoting photographs, or generating videos for clients. People who follow my website and videos are interested in learning about delicious and distinctive food from around the globe.

David Hoffmann, David’s Been Here

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

Audrey and I’ve funded our journeys. We started out in South Korea, that enabled us to save a substantial sum of money before we embark on a backpacking excursion that was major. Over the past year our jobs have changed to focus more about social networking, blogging, and YouTube. As an instance, our YouTube traveling videos have ads on them so when people watch our videos and click the ads we get paid for this (obviously, this merely amounts to something when you have a large audience after your channel!) If it comes to blogging and social networking, we occasionally partner. A partnership could involve anything to sharing a traveling competition with our subscribers, from promoting a new tour business — the principal issue is that it be relevant. Audrey also work as an independent travel writer at which she sells stories and photo essays from her journeys to different travel publications. And we also have done some work with tourism boards, where we’re hired to generate destination specific content. So in summary , we do a lot of different things that let us operate traveling and remotely longer!

In May of 2010, I quit my job and set off to a six month round the world trip. Produce an income someplace along the road and I intended to travel on savings. It wasn’t until a couple weeks before I returned home that I realized I can make money by selling ad space on my website. I started to fund my travels via ad revenue on my site and continued to travel the entire globe on my own dime as well as a sponsored media trips in between.

It was that I came a recognition that while my own journeys were being funded by selling ad space, it really was not something I was proud of doing. I wished to create an income for myself centered around something much more purposeful. I wished to supply a service for my subscribers which were thinking about transitioning to getting lifestyle separate just like I did back in 2010 out of a 9 to 5. I began operating remotely from just about anywhere as long as it had a decent online connection and offering lifestyle coaching sessions and travel planning sessions for those who have always dreamed of traveling around the globe. I also began picking up freelance work to supplement my income. I utilized my own passions, knowledge and my abilities to provide freelance services such as web design, traveling planning/strategy sessions, site maintenance/management travel writing and much more.

Now, I like spending time (3-6 months) at various destinations versus always being on the move from place to place. I like just media with thieves, expats, and solopreneurs, locating a comfortable place to call home, mingling with the natives, and arriving in a new destination.

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

My son and I left the States for a tour starting in 2009. Five years later, we find ourselves traveling slowly with no purpose. With our savings depleted, we’ve had to become inventive concerning making a sustainable income. As someone who’s had experience running a business, the greatest lesson I had was to embrace my strengths, and also realize the greatest strength of anyone was their passion. Honing in on our passions enabled us to create multiple streams of revenue. However, the reality is, not 1 stream is constant and our income varies from month to month, some months, near nothing comes from. The important thing is to diversify. Here’s how we’ve managed up to this point: advertisements and Sponsorships for our web sites, writing articles for magazines, such as our paid article in USA Today, lifestyle coaching helping other parents conquer their own anxieties, freelance web design and branding consulting, and a kickback in my previous career, as well as producing a learning retreat for teens.

Our largest project so far is also a natural learning retreat from Peru based on our enthusiasm for education and world instruction, Project World School. We are just about to create our second retreat this July in property of the Incas. Developed for un-schoolers homeschoolers and democratic students this 22 day, Temporary Learning Community utilizes the landscape of Cusco and the Sacred Valley as a canvas for discovery.  The trick is to create multiple streams of revenue, is currently tapping right into your own pursuits. From there, other opportunities will unfold and new opportunities present themselves. The only thing which can come between you and potential income has ever been and forever will be”fear.”

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

I do something quite different than what many individuals do in the industry. For the previous five or so years I’ve been day trading and travel around the world. Day trading at the stock exchange enables me to make a living when traveling anywhere all over the globe. I’ve also been in a position to make cash with the travel site,, but my chief source of income is day trading. Other people began to ask me for training too and I began to create teams of other”WanderingTraders,” that are people which are additionally day trading and traveling around the globe. I instruct others to learn how to day trade the markets to acquire their freedom and now day trade my own account. I’ve had the honor of traveling with some of our traders in The Day Trading Academy (where people now instruct others how to day trade). I starting a daily trading center at Medellin to teach Colombians to obtain financial freedom and am now living in Colombia. We are also beginning a center in Brazil to teach how to locals Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro to day trade. Soon we’ll be traveling around the globe with our army of”Wandering Dealers”

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

For the previous seven years, I’ve traveled the globe exploring one nation at a time, recording my journeys through videos, photographs, and posts. Following a good deal of passport stamps, 22 states and two years, I wanted an income! In 2009, I began licensing my stock footage clips. Shortly after I began publishing travel guides available on Kindle Store. Both of these earnings helped take me. In 2010, I began my own branded line of travel essential goods (travel pillow, bag scale( passport holder, toiletry tote, and eye mask), which I market on In 2012, I began publishing”DBH Insider” guides for other travel writers that were not just sure how to start publishing and marketing e-books. I just recently started advertising on my site. I recently launched DBH Movies — a boutique media manufacturing firm.  Since I began David’s Been Here in 2007, my travel prices have been coated by various organizations in exchange for advertising. One of those are hotels, tourism boards, rental car companies, airlines, and tour agencies. For the large part, my project has enabled me to work out of my computer and have the freedom. I have been residing in Barcelona since and transferred to Europe at April 2013. My business is, and always is, travel and showing others how to do the same. My audience prefers traveling, open to new experiences, and is curious.

It’s my expectation that this will be see by anyone interested in making money and travel the world and be motivated to find their location. I encourage all you prospective bloggers to be first and not to just play it safe because that is exactly what you have been told. I asked my coworkers because I wanted a transparency and insight the reality as well as the perks, to share their stories. I also wished to highlight some of the options you’ll have in creating a career of traveling. By being relentless, most of us weren’t awarded the money but instead created the chances ourselves and dedicated to showing others how important it is to get out there and see beyond our immediate environment.

How to Create Money and Traveling the Planet

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