5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

The minute I spotted Isadou Island, Suriname in the kayak on our approach, I knew I was in for something particular. There are so many reasons to visit Isadou Island. Before I even landed on its beaches, that was apparent. I noticed that there aren’t any roads in this unspoiled area of the Amazon Rainforest. By traveling across the Upper Surinamese River, which will be Isadou Island is situated the locals get around.

5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

Isadou Resort

My Arrival

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The individuals who live the Maroons, along this lake, are later being attracted during the Atlantic Slave Trade, the descendants of African slaves who escaped into the interior of Suriname. They could preserve elements of the language and culture, both of which can be on full display in and around.

Go on a Jungle Trek

Meeting the Locals

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I fell in love with Isadou Island and its people there, and I have to thank my friends for making it such a great experience at Jenny Tours. These are the 5 reasons to visit Isadou Island in Suriname.

Swim from the Suriname River

Sensitivity when Visiting

5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

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Isadou Island is about as near as you can get into a unspoiled tropical paradise in the Surinamese rainforest. Among the greatest reasons to stop by Isadou Island would be to escape from it all. There’s no WiFi, therefore being there compels you to put away laptop , tablet, and your phone, and delight in the stunning atmosphere and the people that you’re there with. The ideal place to do that is Isadou Resort.

Tour the Regional Village


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5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

Made up of 28 bungalows as you arrive on the island which could readily be spotted, Isadou Resort is rustic and minimalistic. You won’t ever find swanky spas, suites, or pools here. But you’ll discover tranquility. As someone who is always on always using my devices to get job and the go, it was fine to be somewhere where I could unplug and devote long stretches of time just lounging. It reminded me a lot of my time in the San Blas Islands in Panama, a place that totally off the grid.

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The bungalows include a little bathroom just in the entry, and also a basic room with two beds with mosquito netting outside that. An electric fan stood between the two beds. My door led to a little terrace with a hammock which provided views of the Suriname River.

5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname


The hotel, which is the dreamchild of Andre Kaise along with Saramaccan tribespeople Aelientje Adipi, has been built between 1994 and 2000. The bungalows are organized around a central lawn. This peaceful resort offers everything you could possibly need and is one of the reasons to visit Isadou Island.

5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

One of those advantages is that you’ll have plenty of downtime where you can just chill and enjoy the company of those people that you’re with when you are on Isadou Island. However, when you’re prepared for a fun activity, among the choices is a jungle trek. I highly recommend bringing more with you, together with bottled water also using sunblock and mosquito repellent, before going.

5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

A boat journey across the river will take you to a trail which leads deep into the rainforest. I recommend heading back down the trail and then heading into the woods for about 45 minutes. There is still a lot of brush Though people cleared the road.

Among the reasons why I believe this jungle trek one of the reasons to go to with Isadou Island is that you get to immerse yourself in nature. It might be difficult to spot a whole lot of wildlife, even as walking through the jungle creates noise. However, when you stop and so are totally quiet, you realize that the jungle around you is alive with the sounds of insects and animals . If you are lucky, you may spot a number of tortoises, monkeys, or those sloths!

During our trek, the animal I encountered the most were mosquitoes, but I was able to catch a glimpse of a monkey high up in a tree. Keep in mind that any kind of nature walk may be hit-or-miss in regards to wildlife. Occasionally they won’t, although sometimes animals will appear. Keep that in mind and enjoy the experience!

5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

NOTE: Since you proceed down the trail, the path can be slick, especially if it has rained and gets very thin in places. And so, I recommend wearing footwear that is comfortable but appropriate. A boot with grips on the floor would be optimal, although my sneakers held up pretty nicely.

5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

Suriname is situated on the shore of South America. However, as you travel into the nation’s interior, you get nearer to the equator. Suriname is sweltering almost all the time, especially during the day Owing to that. Fortunately, one of the reasons to stop by Isadou Island is you may enjoy a dip from the Suriname River!

The river is nice and cold , while it’s not unusual for the atmosphere temperature in and around Isadou Island to grow into the Fahrenheit and the triple digits. It’s the perfect place. There’s an area of the river having a current that runs over and between a bunch of large rocks. Because of the water, then you do not need to worry about predators like caimans, anacondas, along with piranha, that favor calmer waters.

5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

Ease in the water and then anchor your thighs between the rocks so the present does not take you away, and you can experience a type of massage-like impact as your back is pummeled by the flowing water. It feels incredible and is the thing to do on a day that is boiling-hot! It’s among my reasons to visit Isadou Island for a reason. You can’t beat it!

When I travel I am all about immersion. For me, there are not many things more profitable than trying their meals, meeting with people in new areas, visiting their homes, and seeing how they live. So there’s no way Isadou Island and I can visit without needing a quick trip around.

5 Reasons to Go to Isadou Island at Suriname

Jaw Jaw can be accomplished by kayak and is situated only a couple of minutes. It’s situated close to the Jaw Jaw rapids, that were caused the village some hardships over recent years. The river flooded by three or four meters straight back in 2006, forcing the locals to flee. They lost crops because of rising waters, however they returned after the water levels were normal.

My goal was to get a exceptional souvenir to take home with me, but I also couldn’t wait to find out exactly what their village is about. In the little I’d heard from Imro I can tell that they were individuals and I couldn’t wait to meet them.

I learned that Jaw Jaw is currently home to approximately 500 inhabitants, upon arriving. They are members of their Surinamese Maroon tribes, many of whom work at the hotel on Isadou. Canoes are made by the locals by burning and extending big parts of wood until they’re wide enough for most folks to sit inside. I got a peek at some houses that were regional and heard that it’s customary for married couples to sleep in separate houses. Kitchens are generally located out.

I got to see some casaba soup is made by a girl. The origin she was using is known as yuca in other areas of earth. Following a bit of hunting, I discovered my souvenir: a , paddle that was carved. An extremely great man sold me it to get 200 SRD, roughly $25 USD. I couldn’t wait to show it!

As guide and my friend Imro and I lasted through the village, I now realized that the homes had power. There was a guesthouse in town, and I noticed immediately that they had some turtles there. Turtles are my favourite creatures, so I was sad to find out that the turtles are eaten by them. A man at the guest house showed me a turtle shell which he then showed me that his toucan and had preserved. It was a bird, but it flitted around so much I couldn’t get a photo with it.

The locals are really friendly, as if you needed more reasons to go to Isadou Island. We met with a girl selling some hand-stitched scarves as Imro and I lasted through the community. She sold it for about $10 USD, or 75 SRD and wrapped up a purple-and-yellow one around me.

Is that this is a village with real folks. During my time there, I found locals bathing nude in the lake. If you are traveling with a camera, please be respectful. Do not take photos or videos of these in circumstances that are sensitive. However, enjoy your time in the village. Itis an immersive cultural encounter and’s among the reasons.

Among the greatest reasons to stop by Isadou Island would be to try out some yummy Amazonian meals. The meals in the island is uncomplicated and unpretentious and is produced from , ingredients that are easy, yet tasty. The secret is that everything there’s locally-sourced. Grains, meat, and the vegetables are all from the place that is immediate, and nothing is ever frozen. Each meal is as clean as you can buy Owing to that, and you really can taste the quality.

Meals happen in the open living dining halls of the Isadou Resort. There, an assortment of specialties are offered. Breakfast consisted of a sweet grapefruit-like fruit, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, scrambled eggs, also tough casaba bread. You can get peanut butter in addition to your choice of butter, coffee , and hazelnut spread for the bread.

Lunch at the hotel is among the reasons that are great to visit Isadou Island. The main dish is a deliciously fresh chicken that comes covered in a sweet, Asian-inspired marinade. There were bitter melon greens, that reminded me of a soupy and spicy coleslaw.

The meal comes with sides of pineapple, beans that are earthy, and rice. It’s a delicious and healthy meal you need to try on your own! Other offerings offered for lunch contain an chicken that’s similar to Jamaican jerk chicken and eggplant that is bitter.

Dinner at Isadou Resort is a equally tasty affair. Whether you attempt the beans with casaba bread or the casaba soup with rice and poultry, your taste buds are in for a treat. As the casaba soup attempted , I was surprised to find out that it tasted equal to yuca. It turns out they titles for exactly the identical root. It has been amazing after I added it and seeds together and comprised chunks of poultry.

You have to visit Isadou Resort if you would like food that is fresh, flavorful, and organic jungle-inspired. It is among the very best reasons to visit Isadou Island. It will have you craving healthful meals from your very first bite!

The memories I made there will endure for a lifetime, although I might have spent thirty-six hours on Isadou Island. In my amazing trek through the jungle, to my mind-blowing tour of Jaw Jaw village, into the foods that is amazing, I’m convinced this is an island everybody needs to experience. That’s exactly what makes it so charming and so memorable, although it can be low-key and far off the beaten path. Book a trip to Suriname to experience such motives and Isadou Island on your own to go to!

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