5 Awesome Beaches in Wales

The western reaches of Wales reveal that the UK has much more to offer especially when it regards shore, though England is far more popular with international tourists. You’ll discover a number of the nation’s very best beaches in Wales — extended stretches of golden sands, waves, magnificent cliffs to battle not even a soul surfers and, frequently !

Barafundle Bay

5 Awesome Beaches in Wales

Cefn Sidan

However, with so many beaches to choose from — Wales is surrounded by coastline on three sides — it’s difficult to find out which are well worth heading to. Our British friends at holidaycottages.co.uk have leant us their expert advice and given us their selection of Wales’ finest beaches. If you are enticed to go to the beaches for yourself, have a peek at their collection of areas to stay in Wales here.

Three Cliffs Bay

With nice sands and crystal-clear waters, Barafundle Bay might be mistaken for a shore in the Caribbean, although its backdrop of rocky hills, sand dunes and pine trees ardently ground it back into Wales. It is only one of the numerous stunning beaches you’ll see around the west coast in the Welsh area of Pembrokeshire.

5 Awesome Beaches in Wales

Aberffraw Bay

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5 Awesome Beaches in Wales

Porth Oer

At eight miles long, Cefn Sidan is the greatest beach in Wales. Translated as’slick rear’, this shore is a joy to wander from end to end, along with views from the sea, sand dunes and the Gower Peninsula to flake out across the way. You’ll find that the Pembrey Country Park, decorated with nature trails and cycle tracks.

Easily reached from the city of Swansea, Three Cliffs Bay is a pretty little shore found beneath towering clifftops. Down on the shore, the major points are the 3 prominent crags jutting out across the sand, even though a hike over the bay takes you to the ruins of the ancient Pennard Castle.

Aberffraw Bay is an unspoilt and remote shore — the perfect place to head to if you are looking to break free from the crowds. It can only be attained by a half-mile walk across the sandy riverbank in the village, however, the trip is well worth it to get the broad selection of golden sands you are rewarded with later.

Porth Oer can be located on the peaceful Llyn Peninsula’s coast, and is excellent for swimming, surfing and walking. Surrounded by rugged shore and headland on each side, the white sands of Porth Oer are also famous for the noise created as you walk on the dry sand underfoot, which has earnt the shore Whistling Sands’ nickname.

5 Awesome Beaches in Wales

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